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    I had two part time jobs. I was approved for benefits from the one I lost. Instead of compensating me for my income loss from the one job, PA GREEDY UC, is subtracting my weekly wages from the remaining job OUT OF MY WEEKLY "BENEFIT"!!!!!!! Leaving me with a whole $1 a week!!!!! I grossed almost $300 a week at the job I was SUPPOSED to receive "benefits" for. I have never been so insulted and enraged in my life. The GREEDY, SCUMBAG POLITICIANS in Harrisburg need to be taken OUT OF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PA UC "COMPENSATION" NEEDS A COMPLETE OVERHAUL... More...
    Scott22's Picture   Scott22    0 Comments   Comments
  • PA unemployment call center

    So hard to get ahold of. I understand they only take calls 3 times a week. I have been on hold for almost 3 hours. I called as soon as they opened. Being proactive, I had to call about 50 times only to get a busy signal EVERY SINGLE TIME, not exaggerating. I finally got through to the auto system to be routed to a person. Holding for 3 hours and still counting. This is pathetic. They take our money right out of our paychecks, but when we need to contact them, it's always a fight. This MUST change!!!! More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    Jlr1's Picture   Jlr1    3 Comments   Comments
  • unemployment

    i filed for unemployment in may 2015 now in august 2015 i get a paper stating i was over paid i sent everything necessary except pay stubs because my employer locked me out of them i do not get paper stubs. i get direct deposit of my pays i printed out my statements. they are saying im over paid by 855.00 they gave me 8 penalty weeks plus want me to pay i have no over payment but they insist i do, now im waiting on eligibility because i was threatened and refused to work in a clients home ( im a home health aide) i asked my job for another client now they are saying i resigned when i did... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    celest2003's Picture   celest2003    0 Comments   Comments
  • servicemaster of indiana, Pa.

    I quit my job with this bitch on Oct.17th 2014 because she kept taking my hours and my accounts from me and because I didn't have enough proof that she is a lying two faced bitch and has her head up the refs ass so far that they are one, I got denied benefits. You people don't have the right to dictate whether or not someone can collect their own money that they earned. Your so called business is a sham especially when the employee really has no chance against an establishment that's always on the employers side. More...
    Tammy714's Picture   Tammy714    0 Comments   Comments
  • pa unemployment extort

    Pennsylvania's unemployment program is a joke. I am a landscape tree and bush farmer for the past 18 years. I have received my seasonal unemployment for almost 3 of those years. what a joke, they take my money before I ever get to see it, when you get laid off you have to work full time to re-earn your own money from unemployment. and usually even if you qualify you still wont get any benefiets. and if you do, I promise that the money will be delivered in too small of increments, and be prepared to wait a month for it to arrive. also, the website, total joke. filing documents through... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    cuddycaverns's Picture   cuddycaverns    0 Comments   Comments
  • PA State inspectors

    I think PA unemployment does okay. The website could be designed better to handle claims. However, some of the inspectors can be bad. I have talked to Pennsylvanians in the past about them. I even have experiences with them. I know some are bad and some are good. I do know one in particular named Ernie. He has molested the kids of parents who are on PA UC. He will threaten them by promising to submit false reports of fraud so they will serve jail time or be prosecuted. I have even heard of him giving state money away or changing unemployment records for people. Of course, for... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
  • Thes laws are Nonsense!

    I applied for Unemployment benefits on Jan. 12, 2014 after being fired for lost time, because I have been unable to work because of a very painful Hernia...Today, Feb. 26, 2014, I get a call explaining to me that I can not receive benefits because I am unable to work! I am hoping to have surgery within the next week...But THE LAW states that I can only receive benefits if I can actively seek work! This makes no sense...I can't work! Some days I can hardly sit up! What is unemployment FOR? I do have medical assistance, I am thankful! I have mental and physical disabilities that I... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    JamesNSwift's Picture   JamesNSwift    2 Comments   Comments
  • Non Help

    I applied for unemployment comp on 1/28/13 and was cleared for benefits. I have been doing the bi-weekly claims and still have not receive payment. I tried to contact the UCC and have not been able to get through. I signed up for direct deposit and signed up for the Career Link. I am following all that needs to be done. Here it is 3/14/13 and still no benefits. I need to at least know if there was something I did not do and should immediately fix or if they are just so backed up no one knows whats going on. More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
  • PA Unemployment is a Joke

    56 days and counting for PA Unemployment to release any funds or make a decision on my wife's status. My wife filed on 3/22/2012 and it's now 5/15/2012. She received paperwork on how much she should be compensated along with her card within the first 2 weeks. She has spoke to PA Unemployment several times and they can only tell you its under review. It's 2012, why does it take at least 8 weeks to receive compensation? Does anyone realize that hard working Americans cannot survive if their spouse is unexpected fired for 8 weeks on 1 persons paycheck...We have bills that... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    cristofo1's Picture   cristofo1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Question on payment

    I called and spoke with Barbara at the PA Unemployment Compensation hotline. I mostly called because I wasn't sure why I hadn't received my benefit payment as of yesterday, and she completely went off the loop with questions and I told her I was working now, the week I claimed was my last, and she was telling me I needed all these forms, asking for my present employer, ect. Even though this had NOTHING to do with what I was calling on, she was confusing me, and herself, and making it a big statement over a simple call. After she told me at first that I claimed it incorrectly,... More...

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davonna28 says: (4 years ago)
My husband filed a claim on 12/21/14. We have received 6 different financial determination letters with 6 different financial figures. We have faxed in pay stubs 2 times and went to our local representative and still nothing. I am so frustrated. If I ran my home the way they run that office I would've been homeless years ago. We have fought very hard to stay afloat in this hard economic crisis and this is ridiculous. I'm calling our senator tomarrow and then LBI and if need be a lawyer.

david323568 says: (5 years ago)
These bums are use less they tell you basically what you want to hear I was told everything was ok with my ue on a new claim but now the retards are saying they messed up and have to review my ue because someone filed something wrong so to sum things up these people are scum no more important than bear shit in the woods their horrible people with little respect if your in a bad situation DON'T EXPECT HELP as u will find out its not comeing so for all u pieces of smelly shit at pa. Ue thanks for the run arounds and misery u put me thru hopefully when ur time comes it puts a smile on my face as I will b smileing when u fools loose ur jobs

jmsfavme says: (5 years ago)
I filed a claim (and received pmts with no problem) after finishing a TEMPORARY job I got through an agency a year and a half ago and now July 2013 they are saying I am at fault for not telling them that I "voluntarily quit for unknown reasons" and now they want their money back and I am being penalized 9 weeks on my current claim. I did not quit, I finished the temp job and waited a few weeks to see if there was anything else available and when there was not I filed.

hktrav1 says: (6 years ago)
I taught ESL at a university and come January not enough students showed up so my class was cancelled. Something to do with Visas overseas. The unemployment commission wants reasonable assurance that I will be called back. How many visas can someone guarantee. I AM IN HELL WHO CAN I CALL FOR HELP NO MONEY BEING EVICTED

nomoney says: (6 years ago)
They are absoutly terrible. There phone system is always busy and tells you to use website,if that were the case and website site had info i would not have to call.2-3hr waits are torture.

Lollipop6431 says: (6 years ago)
Lady on line was rude and impatient. I felt disrespected and unimportant

Jennybarr says: (6 years ago)
This service to speak with a rep is a joke. Majority of the time the 1-888-313-7284 # is always busy. Then when you get through you have to listen to about 10 minutes of facts before you get the options list. Hold time is ridiculous! 1 - 1 1/2 hour wait till you get a rep! Get it together!

mmcbhth says: (6 years ago)
I also am not satisfied with service. I received a letter from career link in my area with a date and time on it that i must attend the REA meeting. I called and notified them that I was not able to make it due to my ft school schedule. She let me know they ran it 2 days a week but both days I was not available to attend. She let me know that was fine and to fill out the papers sent in and write down the reason why i am not able to attend. well weeks later i go to file online like i normally do and can't. come to find out after hours of trying to get through the unemployment (several different ones) and getting beep beep beep for one whole day and finally 2 hrs later the following day getting ahold of someone i find out their was a hold put on my benefits because i didn't attend this "REA meeting". well, i see my call went far and the information i sent back i'm guessing they didn't recieve or threw aside. now i filled out ones from the scranton office and sent them out but after call after call and all the run around i spoke to a gentleman in scranton who said my information will be reviewed and i will get something in the mail stating whether or not they are in my favor! wow..............i love how this all works! this is a joke to them! i'm very frustrated with this service and the games they play with calling and not getting through or just holding people's benefits they are entitled too. funny i didn't get anything in the mail sooner to this with any warning! funny huh?

stephcribbs says: (7 years ago)
To whom it may concern;

My name is Stephanie Cribbs, and I am among the unemployed who have paid into the system and lost my job recently. I am very upset that I still have not received a payment that was due to me on 2/28/12. I signed up for direct deposit and have seen on my account a $0.00 authorization on my account. I have been checking my account and still no payment, so I took it upon myself to call unemployment and found out that they sent me a card instead. They made the mistake of issuing a payment to a card that I don't even have. I had to speak with a very RUDE "customer service" agent who made me feel as if he was doing me a favor even though I have worked for years and paid for it. He forwarded me to the people that do the card distribution, and they conveniently told me "Oh, it was mailed yesterday." Which I still think is a LIE.

It's 15 days later and I still have no unemployment card and no funds! I am borderline irate. I tried calling unemployment and they are closed. Even though the thought of spending half of a Saturday on HOLD isn't exactly my idea of a good day. I need help from someone who knows whats going on. I have spoke to several people on unemployment that have not received their first payment and have been on unemployment for 4 months. However, they did receive payments that were due afterwards.

This is ridiculous and it's not MY fault that someone made an error and issued me this phantom card that I DIDN'T ask for... there was a reason that I signed up for direct deposit. I need help, and if someone can't help me then my next email is going to be to the Labor and Industry Board, then to the local news and to my family lawyer. All of my bills are now tardy and I am not the type to pay anything late. I don't appreciate the error on UCC's end, and I don't appreciate the way I was made to feel by the person I spoke with in a call center.

Thank you,

Stephanie Cribbs
CC: Julia K. Hearthway

Madmatty says: (7 years ago)
All they do is give you the run a round. I filed on 6-5-11 and by 6-20-11 I got the booklet and debit card and determination of how much I will be getting. So all looked good till I did my first bi weekly which 3 days after you do it you r suppose to get your money on the card...well I didn't so I called the office to get a smart mouth asshole that told me that they r still figuring out if I am able to get it or not and it will take another 20 days for them to decide. So why do they send all this crap thinkin you will get it but come to found out they r just dragging u around till u get mad enough to quit filing your biweekly

psychnurse123 says: (8 years ago)
The individuals working at the Unemployment Office of PA are rude and incompetent. These people have the empathy level of Aushwitz officers. These office employees working with humans is comparable to drill sergeants being trauma therapists.

nika says: (8 years ago)
It is going over 6 weeks now and I havent received a determination letter from unemployment. I called twice the first CS was very helpful, the second CS was rude, she told me they just received my case on the 17th of September after a month or so of me filing. Are they short staffed? Or is there too much talking going on? Some of the people applying for unemployment are not lazy individual who wants to sit around to do nothing. Some of us love working. I am one of those people who loved my job and was let go.

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